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„Naked and Afraid” is the quintessential survival show giving its viewers the unique opportunity to live the most exciting and dangerous adventures from their living rooms. Since its premiere in the summer of 2013, Discovery series has instantly become one of the most popular shows in the history of the network. The power of the show lies in the emotional authenticity and raw, unedited imaginary. We are the only website providing „Naked and Afraid” in the uncensored version. Check us out and watch your favorite show with no blur. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Naked and Afraid uncensored – only with us!

How to watch Naked and Afraid uncensored?

„Naked and Afraid” is one of the greatest reality shows of all time. However, the episodes originally aired on Discovery Channel are all censored. It means, that all the nudity has been pixelated. Do you want to watch the unblurred version of „Naked and Afraid”? Well, you’ve come to the right place! First of all, we ask you to verify that you’re not a robot. It’s for a spam protection purposes only. Verification is a simple and trouble-free process. After successfully completing the verification, you will get unlimited access to the uncut episodes of the show.

Naked and Afraid uncensored – highly acclaimed Discovery Channel reality show

„Naked and Afraid” is an American reality show produced by Renegade 83 Studios for Discovery Channel. First episode of the show was aired on June 23, 2013.
This unique format quickly gained popularity among the fans of extreme challenges. Discovery Channel has aired 10 seasons of the show by now. Although there is no official announcement yet, we can expect „Naked and Afraid” to return for season 11 sometime in March 2020. In 2015 „Naked and Afraid” received its first Emmy Award nomination in the Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program category, alongside such television hits as „Deadliest Catch”, „Wahlburgers”, „Million Dollar Listing New York”, „Intervention” and „Alaska: The Last Frontier”. In 2018 “Naked and Afraid” repeated the success receiving one more Emmy nomination in the same category, but eventually lost to “United Shades of America”.

„Naked and Afraid” – plot summary

“Naked and Afraid” is a survival reality show, where two strangers are left to themselves in the wild. The participants (usually one man and one woman) have to survive for 21 days with no clothes, food, water, tools and shelter in extremely dangerous, demanding environment. The contestants are sent to remote locations around the globe: scorching, tropical regions of Africa, wild parts of Asia and South America as well as dangerous areas in North America, Europe and Oceania. Every episode contains 21 days of shooting of each couple survival quest. Interestingly enough, “Naked and Afraid” is not a typical competitive game show, there is no grand finale and no winner. It’s just a pure survival experience, where the only prize is pride in being smart and strong enough to survive 21 days literally and metaphorically naked.

Naked and Afraid uncensored version

Season 1

s01e01 „The Jungle Curse”
s01e02 „Terror in Tanzania”
s01e03 „Island from Hell”
s01e04 „Punishment in Panama”
s01e05 „Breaking Borneo”
s01e06 „Beware the Bayou”
s01e07 „Bares All”
s01e08 „Double Jeopardy”

Season 2

s02e01 „Man vs. Amazon”
s02e02 „Damned in Africa”
s02e03 „Paradise Lost”
s02e04 „Mayan Misery”
s02e05 „The Pain Forest”
s02e06 „Meltdown in Bolivia”
s02e07 „Bares All: Starvation, Snakes and Strife”

Season 3

s03e01 „Primal Fear”
s03e02 „Blood in the Water”
s03e03 „Hearts of Darkness”
s03e04 „Jungle Love”
s03e05 „Argentina Impossible”
s03e06 „Playing with Fire”
s03e07 „Himalayan Hell”
s03e08 „Bares All: Blood, Sweat and Fears”
s03e09 „Snaketacular”
s03e10 „Nicaragua Nightmare”
s03e11 „Botswana Breakdown”

Season 4

s04e01 „Alligator Alley”
s04e02 „Rumble in the Jungle”
s04e03 „Mayan Sacrifice”
s04e04 „Edge of Madness”
s04e05 „Fire on the Mountain”
s04e06 „Lord of the Rats”
s04e07 „Colombian Conflict”
s04e08 „Bares All: Survival in Close Quarters”
s04e09 „Garden of Evil”
s04e10 „Redemption Road”
s04e11 „Surthrive”
s04e12 „Easier Said Than Done”
s04e13 „Bares All: On the Edge”

Season 5

s05e01 „Into the Wild”
s05e02 „The Serpent Garden”
s05e03 „Frozen In Fear”
s05e04 „Rise Above”
s05e05 „From the Ashes”
s05e06 „All Falls Down”
s05e07 „Contamination”
s05e08 „Hell Or High Water”
s05e09 „The Danger Within”
s05e10 „Bares All: Never Give Up”
s05e11 „Into the Wild”
s05e12 „Bad Blood”
s05e13 „Strength In Pain”
s05e14 „23 Days”
s05e15 „Special-Bares All: Battered And Broken”